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ESP300m Roll Rewind Processor

The ESP300m Roll Rewind Processor is the perfect solution for maintaining document security as well as increasing production between the print facility and the finishing department.

  • Adjustable Electronic Tension Control produces tightly wound rolls with the ability to reduce tension for paper with weak perforations.  Can be adjusted while the printer is running.
  • Rewinds 52" Diameter Rolls (up to 50,000 forms) on a single roll without operator intervention, reduces downtime on both the printer and the finishing equipment.
  • Adaptable - - works with all electronic printers.
  • 300 feet/minute Rewinding automatically matches the speed of the printer's output to allow trouble-free operation with no operator adjustments. (Higher Speeds Available, see Options)
  • 120 VAC 10A Electrical Supply* uses standard 120V outlet; no special wiring necessary.
  • Increased Security through rewound output, making sure important documents remain intact and in order.
  • Easy Roll Removal from print area to the finishing department.
  • Compact Design/Small Footprint saves valuable floor space while maintaining the highest performance and reliability.